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Tips for Packing for a Cruise

Matthew Yonally

· Matthew Yonally,Cruise,Travel,Packing

Taking a cruise can be an exciting excursion that allows you to sail the seas and enjoy fine dining until reaching your destination. Cruises are a unique way of traveling compared to taking a car or plane on your trip. If you want to pack correctly for a cruise, there are a few essential tips to follow to ensure you have everything you need.

Pack Formal Attire

Cruises often include formal dinners and dances that will require wearing formal attire. Men should pack suits, trousers, and ties with button-up shirts and dress shoes. Women can pack dress pants or skirts and blouses to look appropriate when attending some of the events that are available on the cruise ship.

Pack Casual Attire

Casual attire can be packed during the day, including swimsuits for when you want to take a dip in the pool. Packing a coat or jacket is also necessary because the temperatures can drop at night while on the water.

You can also consider packing extra hangers to ensure that you don't have to keep certain garments folded in your cabin. Wire hangers take up the least amount of space and can be tossed or left behind after they're used.

Pack the Essentials in Your Carry On Bag

Your carry on bag should be used to carry your essentials, which includes a wallet, personal toiletries, prescription medication, a change of clothes, important documents and tickets, and any valuables. Cruises prohibit items that include weapons, alcohol, irons, dangerous goods, or candles. You can also consider bringing along Dramamine, which can alleviate any sea sickness that you may experience after boarding the ship.

Bring a Bathroom Decor Organizer

Cruise ships are known to offer a limited amount of space in the cabins, which can mean you don't have a lot of room in the bathroom for your hair tools and toiletries. Pack a bathroom decor organizer that can hang on the door and will allow you to have a place to store and access your hair products or makeup.

Bring Ear Plugs

It can be easy to hear other passengers in the cabin above or next to yours as you sleep due to the thin walls on the ship. Pack a pair of earplugs if you want to sleep well at night.

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