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Matthew Yonally Discusses Travel Trends for 2019

Matthew Yonally

What can we look forward to when it comes to traveling in 2019? The landscape of travel looked very different in 2018 and it will continue to evolve as we enter 2019. Be prepared to see much more solo travel, wellness retreats gaining more and more popularity and tiny hotel rooms as options for lodging.

Solo Travel

Many people are intimidated by traveling solo. Just the thought of getting on an airplane alone and experiencing a country all by themselves is too much for some people. In 2019 though, expect to see more and more people planning and embarking on solo trips. Companies have even begun to alter their vacation packages to cater to those solo travelers. Because of the amount of people who embarked on solo trips in 2018, more and more people will feel comfortable enough to do the same in 2019.

Wellness Retreats

Some people still believe that the best vacations are ones that consist of drinking alcoholic beverages will laying on a beach. This is quickly becoming a vacation of the past. The majority of people going into 2019 though, understand the importance of health and wellness and schedule wellness retreats. These retreats involve activities that are healthy. Those activities can range from a yoga immersion retreat to a mindfulness retreat. There are typically incentives built in like spa treatments or massages. Expect to see many more people going on wellness retreats instead of heading to the sandy beaches in 2019.

Tiny Hotel Rooms

2018 was certainly the year of the tiny home. Look for 2019 to be the year of the tiny hotel room. As people begin to see how much money they can reallocate from lodging to fun travel adventures, they are opting for tiny hotel rooms instead of massive suites. Not only is it helpful when traveling to have a tiny place to lay your head, it also gives users a sneak peek of the minimalist lifestyle.

Travel trends are constantly evolving. What can you look forward to in 2019? Be prepared to see a lot more people taking solo adventures. Many of those adventures may be to wellness retreats or body detoxifying centers. Lastly, as the tiny home movement grows, so will tiny hotel rooms.

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