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How Entrepreneurs Can Retain Employees

Matthew Yonally

Being an entrepreneur can be a rewarding experience, especially since you are the one with most of the power. However, if you were to ask any successful business person, you would know that nobody is successful on their own. Any prominent company that enjoys success is a by-product of great teamwork and a strong class of employees. One of the pitfalls that many entrepreneurs fall into is getting their employees invested in the vision and retaining them. While this can prove to be a difficult venture for some, it does not have to be. Here are some tips you can use to retain employees.

Strong Recruitment

Many say that retention begins with a strong recruitment process. While the employees that are applying for the job have to make a great first impression on you, that has to be reciprocated with your recruitment efforts. When you are interviewing prospective employees, you need to relay your vision for the company out to them in a clear fashion, and make sure they are completely aware of what is expected with them. If they are still curious about your expectations, this can lead them to get weary of performing their job and eventually resign. Avoid this by making sure you have a clear plan of attack from the start.

Culture Fit

Another strong pillar of a successful company is the internal culture. The onus will be on you to help foster a workplace culture of trust, transparency and teamwork. You may initially take it for granted, but many employees value how those at the top treat employees. If they feel as though the culture is not what they had envisioned, this can be a swift source of discouragement. Avoid this by making sure that you hire employees that not only know what is expected out of them, but will help grow a productive culture at work.

Grant Employees Flexibility

This is a very attractive feature for employees. When you are hiring employees, you have to take into account each of their external responsibilities and family obligations. You can honor his by having them pick their own schedule. This gives them the flexibility to work on a reasonable schedule. This reflects very well because it shows you are understanding.

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